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Aber auch die Startgebiete aller anderen Rassen inklusive Quests und Items/Belohnungen sollen überarbeitet werden. Die in den Patch 3.3.3 Testdateien Pre Cataclysm Events, von denen bereits mehrfach die Rede war, sollen laut den Enwicklern erst 1 2 Monate vor dem Release der Expansion live gehen.

Grosse nderungen erwarten die Zonen Verwüstete Lande und Pestländer. Letzere werden von der Geissel befreit sein und Erstere komplett überarbeitet werden, inkl. einer ffnung zur Küste und einer neuen Worgen Subzone. Die Schimmernde Ebene, wo derzeit noch die Goblin Rennbahn ist, wird übrigens ein See! Apropos Man hat für Cataclysm zwei riesige neue Unterseeboote gebaut, die uns als marine Transportmittel dienen werden.

Zu den kommenden nderungen hinsichtlich Klassenfertigkeiten und talenten wird man in Kürze einen Preview Artikel posten, so die Entwickler. das Schlingdornental, Tanaris oder Lordaeron, wo wir ebenfalls in Kürze ausführliche Infos und auch Bilder zu sehen bekommen werden.

Weitere interessante Infos zu Catacylsm und natürlich zur aktuellen Expansion WotLK sowie PvP lest ihr im Transkript des Chats hinter dem Newsumbruch!

Q. Are there any plans for more weekly quests (not raid but general) for the weekend only players?

A. I like weekly quests, because they get you to come back to WoW without making you feel like you have to log in every single night. Sometimes Ghostcrawler likes to go to the bar instead.

Q. What happened to the advertised Dance Studio for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion?

A. It still on the list! We always start an expansion with more than we can realistically do and then shuffle things up and down. WoW is one of those games you just never finish, which is overall a fun thing about working on it.

Q. What is the one thing you the most proud of in regards to how the Wrath of the Lich King expansion went?

A. Questing in Northrend took on a whole new meaning. I can’t wait for people to see what we have in store for Cataclysm!

A2. It had a really strong theme with the frozen north and you knew from the beginning that a final showdown with you know who was coming at the end. One of the challenges of Cataclysm is not having that really focused theme (cold undead) but Cataclysm still has a great story mind you.

Q. Is there any chance that tabards will eventually get their own tab on the character screen (a la pets/mounts)?

A. Tabard storage is something we have been looking into for the last couple weeks. Hopefully we will be able to get this done for Cataclysm. No promises though.

Q. Will you give us more bag/bank slots and make us able to carry more bags at a time if i say please?

A. We will have larger bags in Cataclysm for sure. The real question is will you buy them from Haris Pilton?

Q. Are there any plans to implement cross faction/cross realm mail(for BoA gear and such)?

A. We have cross faction mail for BoA items now; cross realm is a work in progress, but we hope to have it done „soon. Are we ever going to be able to get Frostmourne?

A. Not in game, but you can order a real one!

Q. Does Blizzard have any plans to give healers procs and on use effects, like DPS have been getting lately?

A. Yes. Healer procs are trickier to design though to make sure they aren wasted. Damage is rarely wasted so it a bit easier to design.

Q. Two handed (2H) frost death knights was a really fun playstyle that died when dual wielding (DW) was introduced. Are there any plans to make using two handed weapons more appealing?

A. We can make every death knight tree PvP, PvE and tanking viable and also offer both 2H and DW options for all three of those. We are currently designing Frost as a DW only tree.

Q. Is there any ETA on tree / moonkin form graphical update?

A. Moonkin is hard because Moonkin players are so in love with that form. It tough to change it at all. We currently hope to do a new tree form for Cataclysm, but no promises.

Q. Has there been any thought of changing Eclipse to charges so that Moonkin dps doesn suffer so much from moving?

A. Yes. Expect a major overhaul in Cataclysm that keeps the same basic idea (alternating from Arcane to Nature) but in a way that is more core to the class. Like everything though, there is the risk that we may decide this idea sucks once we see it in action.

Q. The Hunter class has many odd and situational abilities such as Mongoose Bite and Aspect of the Beast are there any plans for changes to these types of abilities?
Moncler Gaelle völlig gezeichnet Vest Weiß Transkript des Entwickler

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